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Tekla understand steel fabricators desire to win more bids and drive efficiency through their business. From planning through execution, Tekla software not only helps desogners to detail, fabricate and erect all types of steel structures but will also enable accurate estimation and project planning leading to increased sales and margins. Projects are completed with confidence knowing that they have achieved maximum efficiency and flawless execution.

What is more, with Tekla BIMsight, the free collaboration tool, designers can communicate like never before with the project team to coordinate design and production.

The end result? Less errors and reduced costs!

Key benefits

  • Transfer CNC data directly into machines from model.
  • Increase accuracy in estimating and make quantity take-offs (QTOs) faster.
  • Filter data quickly and effectively.
  • Plan, schedule and track.
  • Streamline project communication and coordination.
  • Minimise risk and maximise production.